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Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: Creme de la Mer

With a history as long and successful as La Mer, it really goes without saying that this is not a paid or sponsored  review.  (They really don't need it.)  However, I'll start off with the standard disclaimer.

This review is based on my own opinions and experiences only.  I will always keep my reviews honest and if they are sponsored by anyone I will make note of it in my review.  Please note that any items provided in a sponsored review will not be returned.

Creme de la Mer started with a NASA scientist, Max Huber, when he was involved in a chemical accident, which left him with severe burns and scars.  He decided to invent a cream that would help with his wounds, since he found other methods to be lacking.  He created this signature cream by fermenting kelp (a process by which can take up to 3 to 4 months).  La Mer has since been bought by Estee Lauder and is one of their signature products.

The results of this cream really speak for themselves.  There are literally hundreds to thousands of people who have praised this cream over the years, and they have been calling it the miracle product that promises to make your skin softer and firmer with virtually no creases almost overnight.   The key to activating this product is to first warm the product on your fingertips by rubbing them together, and then putting it on your face.

My personal experiences with this cream has been equally as effective.  At first, it really didn't look like it was doing much, so I left it alone on my bathroom counter for a while, letting it collect dust.  However, because this winter has been especially harsh to my face, I decided to pick this cream up again, and overnight my skin looked smoother and softer.  Let me also say that I have acne prone, sensitive, and combination skin.  I personally think it works well to seal in all the other products that I've layered onto my skin (toner, serum, etc.), so I put this cream on last.

This cream does cost a pretty penny though.  The smallest (1 oz) jar costs over $100, and the biggest (16.5 oz) costs over $1000.  However, I've always valued my skin, so I thought it was a good investment.  I would start off small though, and find out if you can have a smaller sample size to try out at home.

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