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Sunday, January 15, 2012

NYE @ The Stanhope Grille

Although this is a few weeks late, I basically spent New Year's Eve (NYE) at the Stanhope Grille located inside The Black Bay Hotel.  I actually ended up getting lost, and I had to call a friend to help me.  -_-;  I get lost a lot even if I have a smartphone GPS.  They had a fixed menu, which included free champagne especially for that night.  Here's what I had:

This dish wasn't included in the menu.  I think it was just something that they were trying out.  It's basically grapefruit, crabcake (which I love!), and guacamole on the bottom.  It was a weird combination, but it worked for me and my friends.

This was the lobster soup we had.  At first I thought the white things were noodles, but they actually turned out to be some kind of cream.  It stayed pretty consistent no matter how much I was spooning the soup into my mouth.  We liked this dish as well.

This was probably our least favorite dish.  It's basically tomatoes, eggplant (or was it mushroom?), and some kind of crunchy cracker (?) put together in layers. 

Scallops and (I think) a different type of guacamole from the previous dish.  It was a simple dish, but I like this dish as well. 

This is the main course, and we each picked a different dish.  The chicken was kinda plain and not really juicy.  I couldn't really finish this, since I was getting full from the previous dishes and all the bread we had in the beginning. My friend ordered the sea bass, and after trying a piece of it, I liked it the best.  I was half tempted to steal it from her. ^_^

I love desserts!  (Who doesn't right?)  My two other friends had strawberry sorbet, but I opted for the creme brulee.  It was so good!  It was also nice and warm -- a great end to a good meal (and also the cold weather outside).

We each paid for our own meal, and I paid around $111, which includes a glass of wine that I had.  It was pricey, but it was also a nice experience.


  1. I am so hungry! Your dinner looked amazing and free champagne? Love it and how about that creme brulee?? YUM!

    1. Yay! Thank you for being my first commenter!

      The champagne actually didn't taste all that great. I liked my glass of white wine better, but oh well, the champagne was free. I killed the creme brulee though. I often tell people that I have a second stomach for desserts! ^_^