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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Update:  I just wanted to include some pre-order specials for this game.  What are pre-order specials?  They're basically bonuses to a game that you wouldn't otherwise find in the regular version.  From what I hear Square Enix has three different extras depending on which store you want to pre-order at. 
  • GameStop:  You will get a new costume for Serah.  [Not a physical one that you can wear for Halloween or cosplaying though.  Just a new one for her in the game.  :P]  You can also receive a better weapon for Serah called the Genji Bow, which has a new look and allows her to attack more frequently.
  • Best Buy:  You will get a hardcover novella titled Final Fantasy XIII: Episode I which ties together what happened in Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2.  You'll also receive 15% off the official game guide book.
  • Amazon:  You will get a code to get access to a unique coliseum to do battle with the boss Omega, and you will be able to use him in battle after you've beaten him.  You'll also receive a $10 credit, and if you purchase the guide book, you'll get 5% off the total.  This is probably where I'll pre-order my game. 

I love playing RPGs (role playing games), and none top the charts more than Final Fantasy.  From what I read, it seems like Square wasn't doing so well before the first Final Fantasy came out.  Nothing was really expected of the game, hence, the Final in front of Fantasy.  However, it was a big hit, and with each new installment of the series, it brings the world of gaming up to a whole new level.  The newest installment to the series is Final Fantasy XIII-2 coming out at the end of this month in North America.  (The Japanese version has been out since last month. >.<)

The story takes place after Final Fantasy XIII.  This is the second 2 series that Square Enix has come up with (the first is Final Fantasy X-2).  Ask any gamer that's played FFXIII, and they'll tell you that the problem with the game was that it was too linear.  Personally, I didn't really mind that it was so linear.  I didn't buy the game for the storyline, surprisingly (usually FF has great storylines, eg. FFVII, FFVIII, and FFX).  I bought the game for their battle system, which was awesome to try to master.  Usually when you can't beat a boss, you just need to level up.  However, with the battle system they had devised for this version of Final Fantasy, it actually takes quite a bit of skill to beat a boss (and a whole lot of quick decision making).

What does Final Fantasy XIII-2 bring?  From what I hear, it keeps the same battle system with the addition of Gil for money when you defeat monsters.  In addition, while there is only one true ending, there are also several optional endings to the game that you'll just have to work a bit harder to unlock.  There's also going to be a monster capture system, when after they're captured a player can use them during battle.  I also hear that Square Enix has taken gamers' opinions to heart, and the game will be a lot less linear.

In my personal opinion, I think FFXIII-2 is going to be what FFXIII should have been.  People were waiting years for this game, and I thought when FFXIII came out it was kind of a disappointment.  It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't as great as everyone was hoping it was going to be.  Nevertheless, I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel!  I'll leave you all with this trailer:

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