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Monday, January 30, 2012 Designer Handbag Sale

Why did I put a spending ban on myself?  Oh yeah, it's because I spent so much money on my bags already.  I blame the ladies on the PurseForum.  Ever since I found them, I've been checking their Deals & Steals thread here.  They come highly recommended by other bloggers, and now they've been nominated for Blogger Business of the Year 2011.  Make sure to vote for them!

I've stumbled upon something big.  I've never really thought to look at for my designer bag purchases, but I might have to rethink that now.  Check out what I found:

I don't know how they "overstocked" on these items, but more for us!  ^_^

Proenza Schoulers and Celines aren't your cup of tea?  How about some Fendis, Guccis, Longchamps, Versaces, just to name a few.  Check it out here.

Did I also happen to mention that if you're a new customer you also get 10% off all items purchased?  And even if you're not, you'll get $30 off a $600 purchase, which you can find all that here?

*rushing of feet*  *crickets chirping*

Um?  Guys?  Is anyone still there?

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