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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Thoughtful February

Hello everyone!

No, I haven't forgotten about this blog.  I've actually had to restrain myself a couple of times from posting, and the reason is because I wanted to think a bit more about my posts before posting them.  While it's important to have beautiful pictures (a picture does say a thousand words), it is also important that I express those unspoken words in those pictures to print.  Besides, I started this blog, in part, so I could write more.

I've also been a bit behind on my other resolutions, such as sleeping more, doing more exercising, etc.  But in the time while I haven't been posting, I've been making up for it.  I've also thought about doing some lookbook outfits for everyone featuring myself, but I've still got to think about it a bit more.  How would I take those pictures by myself?  Where can I take it?  Should I even do it?  Those are some of the questions I'm considering right now.

However, while I was looking for some cute Valentine's Day outfits for myself (I have no significant other to speak of, so it really is just for myself), I noticed this beautiful lace top that I've seen Michelle Phan wear a few times.  Michelle Phan is best known for her makeup tutorials on YouTube, and I've been following her even before she became famous, as a spokesperson for Lancome.  Here are some pictures of Michelle wearing the top I was talking about:

Doesn't she look beautiful?  I tried looking for this top a few times on the internet, but I couldn't find it... until now...  Well, at least, I think I did.  It's actually not a top, but a dress, and it's cut pretty low (which is why Michelle is wearing a black tank top underneath I guess).  Here's a stock photo from

They also have it in different colors as well.

All these dresses are $39 each.  The sizing for these dresses are apparently juniors, so they should be kinda small.  I ordered the red and white in medium just to be safe.  I simply love the lace up front.  I'll do a review on it when my order gets here.  Enjoy!

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